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Railroad in Minecraft?

Traincraft | Immersive Railroading | RealTrainMod

We are up-to-date 4½ Years old!

Large Server-Team

We are always working on improving our server and implementing your wishes and ideas.

What is LandOfRails?

LandOfRails is the largest Minecraft railway server in Europe. We offer you a realistic and unique railway experience!

You are important to us

You represent an important part of us and we are always ready to support you in everything.


LandOfRails was founded and established on 19 March 2015. At that time it was the first traincraft server in Germany and today it is the largest Minecraft railway server network. We have grown with the experience and attach great importance to quality, innovation and uniqueness.

  •  3 different and current servers
  •  A lag free server
  •  Regular updates with many new features
  •  Many extraordinary 3D models
  •  Large and friendly community

Let's go!

We offer you two ways to get to our servers. The LandOfRails Launcher recommended by us, as well as the classic Technic Launcher. You have the choice!